Friday, December 15, 2017

We Wait.

We wait.
Did you watch the news today?
Did you hear what the president said?
That earthquake in Mexico was devastating.
33% of Puerto Rico is still without power.
I heard there was rioting in the West Bank. I heard one protester was killed.
41 million Americans struggle with hunger. 13 million of those hungry are children.
There was a school shooting last week. It hardly made the news.
We can wait to be saved from all of this.
We can wait for Jesus.
We can also act as Jesus tells us.
We can stand up to injustice.
We can love our neighbors.
All of them.
We can sue for peace and heal the injured.
Or we can wait.
We can prepare for the arrival of our savior by building the kingdom of God here on earth.
We can wait
or we can do.
We can hold firm to the divisions
-- and bad feelings  --
that keep us separate
we can reach out our hands in peace.
We can adhere to the old ways that keep us apart
welcome the new.
Meet the hungry with food.
Give the thirsty a drink.
Invite the stranger in.
                                                                                                                       Clothe the naked.
Care for the sick.
Visit the prisoner.   
We can wait.
Or we can do.
We can wait.

Or we can renew.

Post by Matt Handi

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